New York native and Los Angeles transplant DJ StoneRokk built his reputation in the burgeoning nightlife industry by effortlessly blending genres, epitomizing what is commonly referred to as Open Format. "I play good music correctly," he always explains, as crowds in almost every influential venue can attest. 

It was his popularity among the private event community that first got him noticed by the nightclub circuit. As the go-to guy for celebrities like Heidi Klum and George Clooney, he carved out a DJ career with residencies in major hubs like Las Vegas, Chicago, and Miami, and high-profile gigs like the Electric Daisy Carnival, the Super Bowl, and the Country Music Awards, just to name a few. StoneRokk has shared the stage with the likes of Nelly, Snoop Dogg, Lil Jon, Z-Trip, Katy Perry, and Jermaine Dupri, and he has been featured in a slew of publications, most notably an infamous interaction with Britney Spears that the weekly tabloids ran with. 

With the explosion of DJ culture, StoneRokk has narrowed his purview to mostly events in which he can fully flex his creativity, weaving more of a musical journey, in lieu of simply feeding the masses whatever the “song du jour” might be, thus producing a memorable evening out for anybody who finds themselves on his dance floor. There is a good reason he has always been known as “the DJ from last night.” 


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